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Clean the Closet – Scrapbook Those Memories in 4x6 Photo Album Sheets

'Spring Cleaning' is calling – are you ready to answer? The key to cleaning up that closet is to finish old projects, like that hook rug or those boxes of photographs that have been collecting for twenty or so years. After you've sorted through all those hefty boxes you'll free up some much needed storage space. Also all those photos will look all the more neat and orderly in an attractive 4x6 photo album. Why wait? Start sorting those photos now!

Labeling Lasts

The important thing is to label each of the photographs on your 4x6 photo album sheets. Many old photographs will have names or dates scribbled on the back. You'll have to carefully transfer all this information onto your 4x6 photo album sheets, which gives you the opportunity to do so in permanent ink like with these gel pens.

The Scribe

If you love to tell stories with your photographs, then you'll want 4x6 photo album sheets that have the room to write down the necessary and need to know bits for each photo! These 4x6 photo album sheets have a large memo area that lets you put down all the most important details of that snap shot. Sometimes you come across photos of family just sitting at home – but these homes are long gone. This is why it's great to write all of the photo details. Years later you want to be able to look back and just read the 4x6 photo album sheet memos that let you know, this photo was taken in your first home on 33 Main Street.

The Brief Labeler

If you only know who some of the people or places are – and not always both, then you'll love these photo album sheets. These sheets leave just enough room for listing the names of all the people present, or giving a short description of the place and situation. Even if years later you only remember a few names, it's hard to recall where you were in a photograph. The 4x6 photo album sheets leave just enough room that if you don't have anything to note – or can't remember – then you can leave the space blank and it won't look too obvious.

So dig into those closets and even make room in the attic by pulling out boxes of photographs. Even ten years later it'll be hard to recall names and places – don't wait! Start filling up and labeling your 4x6 photo album sheets so you'll be able to share those memories for years to come.

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