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A 5x7 Photo Album Idea Your Little Girl Will Love!

If you have a special little girl in your life, we’ve got a great 5x7 photo album idea that’s sure to get her smiling. The next time you find yourself with a few hours of free time, some scraps, and your favorite photos, consider putting together a princess photo album that she can enjoy for many years to come!

Making a princess photo album isn’t hard, nor is it completely time consuming to do. All you really need are just a few tips on what to do, some craft supplies, and a 5x7 photo album from MemoryScrapbooks.com. Once you’ve got your album, feel free to use any of these fantastic ideas for filling it up with wonderful photos, keepsakes, and more!

1. First off, find favorite photos of your little girl with friends or loved ones and make sure you have a 5x7 photo album. Choose photos from all occasions and periods of time – just make sure that these photos are doubles. You’re going to be altering these snapshots.

2. Next, gather together newspaper clippings or print outs of crowns, jewelry, gowns, or other royal details.

3. Then, get together some colored markers, glitter, ribbon, jewels, stickers, or other touches you’d like to use to create a royal photo display. Also make sure you have some glue, scissors (craft scissors if desired), and colored papers.

4. Now it’s time to actually make your royal photo album. Start out by gluing on princess dresses, crowns, and jewels onto the photos so that your little girl looks like royalty. Add fun captions, stickers or other touches to bring the image together.

5. Let the photos dry if you’ve added anything that needs to set and then slip them into your 5x7 photo album.

6. Don’t want to change or alter your photos? Then break out a disposable or digital camera and some princess costumes! Dress up your little girl and take photos to use in the princess scrapbook.

7. Once you’ve got your photos, it’s time to decorate the cover of your 5x7 photo album. Using your craft supplies, make a bejeweled and bedazzling cover that uses lots of sparkle, and of course, feature’s your little girl’s name on it – with “Princess” before it 

8. After the cover of your 5x7 photo album has been decorated, use a piece of ribbon to act as a bookmark for the album. Glue it to the inside of the binding and let dry.

9. As an extra fun touch, include quotations about princesses, picture of favorite princesses, or other little keepsakes that remind you of how much fun you had making this clever creation.

10. Finally, enjoy your 5x7 photo album with a princess theme! You’ve worked hard and now you’ve got something fun to enjoy as a result!

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