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Baby Album Photo Ideas

When you've got a baby in your life, you want to keep those memories around forever. It's one thing to catch candid photos of your baby— but it's another thing entirely to get a few professional shots done. Having a baby album photo collection with a few posed shots can add a little something special to your scrapbook. You can do a little baby photo shoot of your own. In fact, your baby will probably be a little more responsive to the whole process if you keep it feeling as normal as possible.

Some thoughts on poses

  • There are few things more beautiful than a mother with her baby. For this baby album photo idea, you need to make sure you include the look on the mother's face as she looks down at her baby. It won't take much coaxing! It's fine if the baby is asleep; but if the baby is awake, you want to make sure to get the look on her face as she looks up at her mother. Photos like this are really all about the little things.

  • The same thing goes for the father, too. There's something very artistic about the contrast between a father's strong hands and the innocence of a baby. You'll want to make sure to include that in a picture like this. If the baby is small enough, you can simply place him in his father's hands and snap a baby album photo with the father's chest as the backdrop. It can be a beautiful way to illustrate that father-child bond.

  • Make your baby the focal point! They grow up very quickly, and you can miss a lot of things if your days are really busy. Take time to notice the small things about your baby. Take a picture of her little fingers and toes. Focus on his big blue eyes. You might even want to get a shot of a cute little bare bottom! It's your baby album photo shoot, and your baby should be the star.

General tips

  • You know your baby better than anyone. Make sure you know what makes your baby smile. That way you'll have an easy time getting the pictures that you want. Show him his favorite stuffed animal, let her sit on her favorite blanket— whatever it is.

  • Make sure you choose clothing that you'll be happy looking at for years to come. Your baby album photo collection will last a lifetime, and you don't want to be stuck looking at some trendy baby outfit that went out of style ten years ago! Stick with the classic.

  • And when you're choosing the outfit, make sure it's comfortable. Your baby won't cooperate if she's stuck wearing something itchy.

Now is the time to do a baby album photo shoot! By the time your baby is a toddler, you'll never be able to get him to sit still. So go ahead, and have fun creating some memories.

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