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Baby Girl Scrapbooking Ideas

There are so many great memories to include in your baby girl scrapbooking project, whether making an album just for the baby shower or to commemorate the family as a whole! Make your baby girl scrapbooking projects fun and easy, with themed baby shower and family tree pages!

Baby Shower Memories

One great occasion to put in your baby scrapbook is the baby shower. Baby girl scrapbooking projects are fun when you involve the whole baby shower party in helping put together all the memories created so far. Another fun activity can be to have everyone help your baby girl scraping along by designing and laying out a page to be ready for new pictures and memories. Assign each guest a page or two, such as the baby shower, baby’s first bath, or baby’s first tooth, to piece together!

You can also create many memories from the baby shower itself. Some games are especially fun to look back on, like one where you make predictions about the baby!

Some fun games to include in baby girl scrapbooking might be:

  • Guessing the size of the belly: Cut strings to guess how big mommy’s belly is.

  • What’s the baby going to look like: Using magazine pictures, scissors and glue, guests guess what the new baby will look like.

  • Guess Who Baby Looks Like: Make check list cards of attributes like eyes, ears, nose, smile, humor, etc. and guess which parent the baby will take after.

Create a Baby Family Tree

Young girls can look back in their baby scrapbooks to see how their family is connected when you create a family tree in their scrapbooking pages. While working on your baby girl scrapbooking project, ask family members for help piecing together your family scrapbook in two ways.

One ways is to ask for baby photos of family members to show everyone as a newborn, making it easy to see how much everyone looks alike and shares the same adorable noses or ears. Another way you can go about the family tree is to get pictures of individual family memories with the newborn for an intimate family shot. That way both the family member and baby girl will someday look back and be able to see their very first moment together as a family!

Baby girl scrapbooking is easy, with so many adorable things to scrapbook and share! Decorate and fill a precious pink scrapbook from MemoryScrapbooks.com today.

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