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Birthday Scrapbooks Traditions: A Great Gift!

All the best gifts come from the heart. You want people to know how much thought you put into their birthday gift especially. A birthday is one of the more personal holidays when it comes to gift giving. Just one individual gets a gift, not the whole family – aside from twins! The most personalized gifts are birthday scrapbooks. You really have to know a person to make a scrapbook for them, so it’s obvious you care on every page. There are lots of ways to make a scrapbook for different birthdays. You can make birthday scrapbooks year after year for the same person or all year long for everyone!

Birthday Scrapbooks for Everyone!

For the scrapbooker who’s already filled the shelves at home with too many scrapbooks – it’s time to start sharing the love. Take a year off from scrapbooking for yourself. Devote the year to make birthday scrapbooks for all of your friends and family. It’s better to give than get anyways! Find birthday scrapbooks that fit each of his or her personality best and fill the pages will all the things that define the birthday gal or guy!

Here at MemoryScrapbooks.com we have birthday scrapbooks for all types of people:

  • For the nomad, the restless adventurer will be a perfect fit for our travel scrapbooks. Even better, set up the album without pictures. You might even decorate and design pages to be filled with shots from the next trip or use postcards as writing areas for captions!
  • Fashionable friends will love a designer scrapbook, with a cover that matches their great taste.
  • It’s never too late to make an album for the newlyweds. Get a wedding scrapbook to fill with photos from the wedding and some after!

Make it an annual gift!

A yearly birthday scrapbook is a great gift for someone you live with! Your special someone will definitely love their own scrapbook, especially if that someone always appreciates your scrapbooks. Make a page for every month of the year. Highlight the best event of the season with a few photos and mementos from the occasion.

Shop the selection of birthday scrapbooks here at MemoryScrapbooks.com. You can fill the scrapbook with photos or just wrap it as a gift as it’s own!

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