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Be the Master Photo Keeper of Your Family Photo Albums

Everyone’s gathered together, pushed in close as you count down to take yet another big family photo! Memories last a lifetime in family photo albums, like the albums here at MemoryScrapbooks.com. Don’t let precious pictures pass by unnoticed and buried in the computer or under a stack of old newspapers in storage. You should give a picture its proper spot in a photo album. You can become a master photo keeper by regularly filing away your photos in family photo albums!

How to hone your photo keeping skills:

  • Make the camera do the work for you! Program your camera’s internal clock. Provide the proper date and time, so when you’ll be able to reference that information on the photo file. Even if you don’t have a time stamp display on the photo, the date and time will be saved on the photo file information. This makes it easy to order and sort through computers in order to find the right photos!

  • Print, print, print! Once you become a regular at your local printing place, you’ll definitely be on top of things! See about buying a photo credits package or pre-paying for photo credits. You’ll save money in the long run, and be dedicated to getting your photos printed for your family photo albums.

  • Be the family photographer. Once you lay claim to the title, you’ll find it a lot easier to remember to shoot. Family members will start to ask you where the camera is – reminding you to get a good shot for everyone’s family photo albums!

  • Take lots and lots of pictures! You can’t take too few. When you use a digital camera all you have is room for good and bad shots. Later on, pick and choose which ones to delete and which ones to print.

  • Always leave room in your family albums for more pictures. After you’ve filled your family photo albums you might find photos that were forgotten, and you want to keep in together. If you can, have a few refill pages on hand. Then you can expand your family photo albums.

You can make sure all of the family memories are preserved in the family photo albums that you can find here at MemoryScrapbooks.com. Find albums for all of life’s important events, births, weddings, vacations and more.

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