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Make The Best Family Scrapbooks In the Family!

Tired of Aunt Gladys showing off her impressive scrapbooks at every family function? Sure, she may have years of experience under her belt, a personal stamper and paper cutter, but that’s all flash. Just think about any of the really old scrapbooks that have been passed down. The best parts? The people in the photos. The best family scrapbooks are about more than the decorations – they’re about the memories and people in them. With your charismatic family, your family scrapbooks are going to be even better than any old pro in the family tree has ever made. You just have to find the very best pictures!

You can make even better family scrapbooks using the American Idol elimination process. It’s brutal, but you’ll end up with only the quality photos for your scrapbooks!

Round 1: Before the judges and the cameras, American Idol contestants go up to preliminary judges. This is the round of elimination to do before you actually print your photos. Go through any of your digital prints for the really bad photos that were accidents or just elbows and delete!

Round 2: If your pictures are still digital files at this point, make a second folder and copy all the files into it. If they’re printed, stack them up on the table according to different events. It’s now time to play Simon, the tough judge, from American Idol. Go through each individual party, zoo outing and take out at least two photos. Repeat until you’ve whittled down to about four times as many photos as you have open pages in your family scrapbooks. Fewer is even better!

Round 3: Now, go through the photos you have left and pick out your absolute favorites. The ones bringing out the best memories or that you can’t live without get to stay. If you want, also think of which photos you don’t mind cutting down and making smaller. With various sizes you can fit more photos on a page.

Take all of the extra photos that didn’t make the cut, and fill up a corresponding photo album. Show off the best photos first in your family scrapbooks. After everyone is impressed with the scrapbook, offer to show them even more of the same in your photo album. Get your family scrapbooks and albums from MemoryScrapbooks.com, so you impress the entire family!

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