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Stress-less Scrapbooking with Kids Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking is fun, scrapbooking is easy, scrapbooking is relaxing! All of these hold true, until you add kids to the picture. As much fun as you have scrapbooking solo, once you include kids in the fun it becomes a new process. Before you start a project with kids scrapbooks, take some precautions.

Kids Scrapbooks Set Up Tips:

  • Cover the area you’re about to work on with newspapers. If you’re working with smaller kids and any type of smaller embellishments, you need to cover your area. Otherwise you might find a stray sticker stuck to the table later – or glue!
  • Make sure that any sharp objects are age appropriate.
  • Stick to easy to clean up supplies. Go for the glue with kid caps rather than the open bottle glues and bigger embellishments instead of glitter until the kids get bigger.

Now that you’ve set up, it’s time to pick out your kids scrapbooks to use. Kids especially might want to expand on the scrapbook later, which makes our snapload scrapbooks perfect for using for your kids scrapbooks projects.

Getting the Kids Involved:

Now comes the fun part, starting the scrapbooking! Get your kids advice to help stock up on the supplies. They can help you pick out the perfect photos for each page. Kids are so creative, so they can also help choose scrapbooking embellishments and probably help make some too!

You’ll also want to assign a purpose to each page. Give each kid their own page or their own kids scrapbooks to do on their own. Building a sense of responsibility for what they make will encourage them to do their best!

Pick a Theme

Finally you’ve got to pick a theme for the kids scrapbooks, or at least the pages. There are lots of fun things for kids to do.

Make a page about:

  • Favorite hobby
  • Favorite sport/team
  • Family members
  • Pets and animals
  • Seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer!

There’s so much fun that can be had when you scrapbook with the kids. Just remember to prepare thoroughly, pick ages appropriate materials and encourage participation! Shop the selection of kids scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies here at MemoryScrapbooks.com with your kids today!

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