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A Leather Wedding Photo Album: Great for Him

After the wedding day is over, you're going to want to scrapbook all of those great pictures! But we're pretty sure your husband isn't going to want some frilly white book sitting on his bookshelf. So skip the traditional wedding photo album (save that for yourself!) and give him something a little more masculine to remember the day. Get him a classic leather wedding photo album that he'll be able to treasure. Resist the urge to include flowers, ribbons, and anything girly— this is for your man!

Start from the beginning
Make the leather wedding photo album something very personal to him. You should include some pictures of him hanging out with his buddies, because some of them were probably groomsmen! It's a good idea to include some things that are strictly him. He might be your husband, but he's still his own man! Remind him how much you appreciate who he is by including some of his favorite things. Throw in some pictures of him celebrating his football team's victory, so he knows that you really appreciate the things he likes. That will make his leather wedding photo album just a bit more special.

Make it from the heart
You probably have lots of little things leftover from the wedding day. If you've got place cards, a program, or any other paper item, you can throw it into his leather wedding photo album. Guys aren't usually sentimental enough to hang on to that sort of thing, so he'll probably appreciate having them in there. You never know when he'll want to reminisce about the big day!

As you're gathering wedding pictures together, you should think about why you want to include them. You can make your leather wedding photo album more personal by adding little notes. Why was this particular moment special? What were you two talking about when the picture was taken? Do you have any silly little inside jokes about that moment? Whatever you might be thinking, write it down and put it in the leather wedding photo album. Your husband will appreciate how thoughtful you are. While you're at it, write a nice note and put it at the very beginning. It can sort of set the tone for the rest of the album.

It's never too late to make a leather wedding photo album for your man. Whether you've been married one month, one year, or twenty five years, it's the kind of thing that can bring you both closer together.

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