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Choosing The Right Photo Album Refills

Choices, choices, choices...that seems to be the name of the game when trying to find the perfect kind of Photo Album Refills to suit your needs or your unique photo album system. It can indeed seem complicated and overwhelming, but rest assured in knowing that there are only a few really common varieties to choose from. That is, although the options are overwhelming at first, most photo album refills fit into easy to understand categories. Let’s take a look...

The Most Common Photo Album Sizes

When it comes to the photo albums themselves, you’ll find that most albums fit into a common range of sizes:

  • 12x12 – Albums that take 12x12 inch photo album refills are rather universal.
  • 12x15 – Again, the 12x15 photo album page size is another very common size that is used by many different album manufacturers.
  • Specialty Sized Albums – Many photo album makers create their albums in unique shapes and sizes, often requiring brand-specific specialty sized photo album refills. If this is the case, it’s simply a matter of choosing from the refill pages available for your specific album model.

Also important to consider is the ring mounting standard—although standardized with most universal styles, it can vary from one photo album manufacturer to another. The photo album refill sleeves will also vary accordingly. Basically, just make sure that the Photo Album Refills are compatible with the brand or style of photo album you’ll be using; this compatibility will usually be listed when looking at photo album refills.

Keep Your Photo Sizes In Mind

Photo sizes are another very important consideration when choosing your Photo Album Refills. Most of the time, the photos you’ll be using will be standardized in size:

  • 3.5 x 5 – Common snapshot size, but a bit on the small size for effective display.
  • 4x6 – Another very common snapshot photo size; good balance of size and storability.
  • 5x7 – Once in the 5x7 photo size range, you’re probably looking at more expensive prints and just one photo per album page—nice when you want a showpiece that’s still concise.
  • 8x10 – The 8x10 photo is a well regarded standard when it comes to really showing off the detail of your best photos.
  • Custom/Full Page – Full page open refill sheets are available also. These are more like scrapbook sheets, effectively allowing you to mix and match the photo sizes placed within.

When choosing the right Photo Album Refills for your next special creation, do keep in mind the size of photos that you’ll be displaying and what kind of impact you want them to make.

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