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Tell the Story Right with Photo Scrapbooks

The whole point of a photo is to leave a lasting impression. Once printed, the ink has dried - so to speak – it sticks around as long as the scrapbook does. So it’s important to pick and choose the pictures that you want to keep forever. Once you place the selected pictures in your photo scrapbooks – expect them to be there for ages. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means you should think about which ones you really want to put in and also how you want to decorate those pages. Make it clear what’s going on in these pages – even years later. There’s a few things you can do to make your photo scrapbooks tell the right story, including using captions and picking and choosing your photos.

Caption This!

Captions can be a real lifesaver when it comes to scrapbooking. They’re more than a few words you jot down – captions are a serious asset to scrapbookers for a number of reasons:

  • 1.They can be used decoratively, by writing in captions using scrapbooking pens or stickers.
  • 2.Captions inform and fill in the blank gaps. Lots of pictures need some context. While right now you remember exactly why there’s a picture of a small duck, in a few months will you remember that it held up traffic on your way to a concert? Captions complete the stories in your photo scrapbooks!
  • 3.Let other people understand the photos with captions! Remember that photo scrapbooks are meant to be shared, so make it easy for friends and family to understand what’s going on in these photos as well.

Pick the Right Photo

Your best photo scrapbooks should be filled with photos – but not necessarily all of them. Think of it as a chopping block, only the best photos should make it into the big times. While many or even all of your photos may deserve a spot in scrapbooks, if you keep it down to the best of the best, there will be an even better scrapbook once you’re finished.

Tell the best stories with the photos in your photo scrapbooks. Find quality photo scrapbooks

to hold all your best photographs, complete with captions, here at MemoryScrapbooks.com.

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