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Include Your Guests in Your Photo Wedding Album

If you've ever been to a wedding, then you're bound to have seen the little guest book. Friends and family can sign the book and leave messages for the new couple. Recently, the guest book has morphed into a guest book photo mat. It's a great idea that allows the couple to display the signatures in their home. Because, really, a wedding guest book is something that tends to get buried in the house after a few months. But if you're a creative scrapbooker, you can turn the guest book into something unique for your photo wedding album.

Before the wedding, get enough 4”x6” pieces of card stock so that each guest (or couple) attending your wedding has one. You can put them with the seating place cards, or anywhere else that you can be sure everyone will find them. Sometime during the reception, instruct the guests to sign their card stock and write whatever message they want to leave you. You'll be putting these cards into your photo wedding album so that you'll be able to remember them forever. Tell them to get creative— leave a memory, well-wishes, advice, anything! The upside to this, too, is that everyone gets a little more space than they would have if they were trying to squeeze their signatures onto the lines of a guest book.

Over the course of the reception, have someone that you trust (maybe the best man) go around with a disposable camera and take pictures of everyone that filled out the card stock. Or leave a disposable camera on each of the guest's tables. When you put your photo wedding album together, you'll be able to include the guests' thoughts along with their pictures. It's a quick and easy way to put a really memorable book together for your wedding.

Don't trust anyone to take the pictures?
Make a wedding photo booth! It's easy enough to set up a “Do It Yourself” photo booth at the reception. That way, couples can take their own pictures for you to include in your photo wedding album.

  • Tack a piece of cloth up to the wall to serve as the photo background.

  • Set up a tripod 8 to 10 feet away from the wall.

  • Get a camera with a remote shutter cord so that you don't need someone to man the photo booth.

Getting your guests to fill out cards for your photo wedding album is a great way to get everyone involved at the reception. Once you put it together, it will be the kind of guest book that you'll want to show off!

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