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Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbooks Take The Stage!

Do you have a performer in your family? Someone who loves to sing, dance, act, or just enjoy the spotlight? To celebrate their talent while capturing the essence of what makes performing so special, be sure to create a fun and festive scrapbook for the rising stars in your life. Using programs, photos, letters of encouragement, famous quotes, and more, you can create a beautiful scrapbook that shows how proud you are of all they do! Not to mention, when you make yours using one of our Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbooks, you have the opportunity to take center stage yourself as a superior scrapbooker.

Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbooks are the perfect size for cataloging the big time hopes and dreams of a rising star. When you're a performer, nothing feels better than the thrill of seeing an audience enjoy your talent. To create that same sense in your scrapbook, include photographs of audience members and show programs alongside cast pictures, performance shots, or even newspaper clippings. Trust us, your future star won't soon forget the feeling!

Next, to inspire your dancer, actor, or musician, include quotations or articles by favorite performers in your Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbooks. Even the most famous of folks can offer insight into what it takes to break into the business – they all started at the beginning as well. Not to mention, their quotations could help motivate your performer into reaching for something bigger and better than ever before.

Finally, be sure to include photos of them in action to show growth and catalog those exciting performances that changed their lives. Utilize shots of all different kinds to show variety, and be sure to add thoughtful captions to your Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbooks to organize and archive the memories.

As a special touch, you can also write a letter to your rising star telling him or her how proud you are of his or her achievements and how important it is to continue cultivating that talent. After all, he or she could be the next big thing! And no matter how far they go, how long they dance, how sweet they sing, or any other number of innumerable things they'll excel at, they'll always have that Pioneer jumbo scrapbook in their suitcase to remind them that one of the most important people in the world has thought they were something special from day one!

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