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Save School Memories in a Scrapbook Album

Remember your childhood friends or favorite teachers? How easy is it to reminisce over school-time memories? If you have a school scrapbook album the answer is: Extremely easy. In the pages of your school scrapbook you have pictures, mementos, possibly even notes from friends. Everything that was important to you is inside your albums. Students of all ages love a scrapbook album, so once they create it, they’ll treasure those memories for years to come.


Preschool, kindergarten, or day care; it’s the greatest time in a child’s education. Why? Naps of course! The second best thing about preschool will be all the arts and crafts projects that children come home with. When your child comes home with a real masterpiece you’ll want to give it a little something more than the fridge treatment. Preschool kids can save these pieces of artwork while filling their own scrapbook album. The expandable binding of a snapload scrapbook album is perfect for storing art projects from your child’s preschool years.

Grade School

Elementary and middle school children are just old enough to make their scrapbook album on their own. It’s a great project for them to create because as they get older, they can be trusted with electronics – which means taking their own photos and even starting to learn how to print their own photos from home! At some point, they’ll be able to move up from kid-safe scissors and to scrapbook with craft scissors to make really fun designs!

High School

First car, first prom, first dress shopping trip, first date – everything that happens in high school is a big deal and a big first! The trophies are bigger; classes are even harder so those hard earned report card grades should be immortalized in a scrapbook. High school aged kids will love a scrapbook album so they can make a big deal out of every big “first.”


New college students will love getting a scrapbook album to store all their favorite collegiate memories in. There’s something about college that is still so very impressive. The sewn frame cover and ribbon tie that holds this 3 ring scrapbook album together is so very much like a diploma carrier– but comes in many more colors!

Check out the beautiful albums here at MemoryScrapbooks. You’re sure to find a scrapbook album for the student in your life.

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