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Scrapbook Albums 12 x 12: For Artistic Folks

Here at MemoryScrapbooks.com, we have seen a large number of scrapbooks from customers over the years. Just visit MemoryScrapbook.com's Facebook page to see some examples that have been posted by our happy fans. A large number of these scrapbook albums are works of art. Creative people will add hand drawn pictures, digitally created pictures for the background of the page, unique handmade designs, calligraphy, along with a number of other exquisite embellishments. We are so proud that our products are being used to create such wondrous results.

But we took a minute and thought: What if we aren't giving all of you clever artists enough enough of a canvas with which to create more masterpieces? What if you could make even more beautiful scrapbooks if you just had more space on each page? In order to make sure that you are in no way constricted, we wanted to take the time to let you know about our scrapbook albums 12 x 12. With scrapbook pages of this size, you won't know what to do with all your free space.

Digital Picture Scrapbook Pages

Also over the years, we have met and become friends with many people who offer scrapbookers supplemental material. Every time we make a new friend, we always make a post about them in our MemoryScrapbook.com Blog, so make sure to read past posts to meet everyone who has been awesome to us.

The most common type of scrapbook entrepreneur we meet are people who create beautiful digital picture scrapbook pages. We really think that these types of pages are beautiful, but there is one thing that makes us a little upset: When you add pictures or decorations to the page, you loose the beauty of the digital picture background. But now think if you used a digital picture page in scrapbook albums 12 x 12? You would have so much more space, you can spread out your pictures and designs and still be able to enjoy more of the digital picture.

Scrapbook Albums 12 x 12 and Other Decorations

Scrapbook albums 12 x 12 also give you the space to add your own personal embellishments. If you want to add your own stickers, stylized writing, pressed flowers, or any other type of decoration, you will have plenty of space. If you are giving one of these scrapbooks as a gift, it will really give you a chance to personalize every page of your project.

So if you are feeling artistic and would like to include more decorations, or even more pictures, then make sure to check out our scrapbook albums 12 x 12, which you can find at MemoryScrapbooks.com.

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