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Fill Your Weekend – Fill Your Free Scrapbook Pages

Don’t know what to do with a free weekend? If you’re hard at work all week and finally have a weekend free you hardly know what to do with yourself! There’s so much possibility in knowing all your errands are done and you actually have bonafide – totally real – free time! If you have free scrapbook pages in your album then you’re in luck. With all the free time you’ll have, it’ll be the perfect time to craft some thematic pages in your scrapbook.

A Moment in Time

Create a series of scrapbook pages capturing just one moment in time. This can be something as simple as a birthday party, where you have pages for the gift opening, the games, and snapshots throughout the day. The best part about scrapbooking after a party is that you have all sorts of wrapping paper, ribbon and party supplies to use in your pages. You can also make pages for all of the recent shows, concerts and plays you’ve gone to. Most important is finding all the playbills and flyers you’ve let collect in a shoebox or drawers over the years.

One neat way to get new ideas for layouts for your scrapbook pages is to use your wrapping paper or show flyer as inspiration! Bring the scrap piece on your scrapbooking supplies shopping trip, and pretend that they’re paint “swatches.” Then pick paper colors and patterns to match the colors from the already well designed flyer.

Now and Then Pages

Have you ever gone through old scrapbook pages to see old pictures that make you want to pull out a newer photo – just to see how much things have changed? You can make “now and then” pages to make fun comparisons between places and people. Find new and old pictures to compare of your home, your pets, and of course your family! If you don’t have any new photos to compare to, you can easily take a photo and get it developed at a one hour photo – giving you plenty of time to finish your now and then scrapbook pages project. If you’re going to run to the one hour photo – you can find old photos and try to recreate them with your family. For example, try recreating a photo of you and your mother from when you were little, matching poses and in similar clothing.

However you plan to spend your weekend, find some time to fill a few scrapbook pages – even if it’s just placing or laying out photos. If you don’t have any spare scrapbook pages you can always pick up at few from Memory Scrapbooks – that way you’re ready for a weekend of fun!

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