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Scrapbook Paper: Make Your Own Embellishments

We know that creating a scrapbook is like creating a unique piece of art. When you have a vision in your mind of how you want your project to look, you don't want to compromise. Over the years of running this store, we have seen some wonderfully creative scrapbook designs and themes and we know that it sometimes can be hard to find the embellishment you need to decorate your pages. That is why we wanted to propose to you the idea of creating your very own scrapbook embellishments so that you can customize your project. One way to do this is through the use of scrapbook paper from MemoryScrapbooks.com.

Various Colors

Scrapbook paper from MemoryScrapbooks.com comes in packets of 50 sheets, with ten different colors. Colors include: Pink, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, white, black, and brown. All of these colors can be cut and shaped into designs that can compliment your decorating theme. You really are only limited by your imagination. In addition, this scrapbook paper is a better choice than construction paper because of its heavier weight and the fact that it is acid, lignin and PVC free.

Various Ideas

Below are a few ideas for embellishments that you can make using our scrapbook paper:

Hearts: Take some of our pink scrapbook paper, fold it in half, and draw the shape of half a hear starting from the fold. Cut along your line and when you unfold the cut out heart, it will be perfectly symmetrical. Great for Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

Pumpkins: This process is similar to the hearts only that instead you'll use orange scrapbook paper and your original trace will be a bit more oblong. Don't forget to cut out a little square of brown for a stem! This is perfect for an autumn or harvest style scrapbook. Cut out black or yellow eyes, noses, and mouths to turn your pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern.

Christmas Trees: Take some green scrapbook paper and fold it just as before. Draw the number 7 with both ends of the number touching the fold. When you cut it out and unfold it you will have your triangular Christmas tree. You can then cut out any types of ornaments from the other colors of paper and get creative. It is a great way to let your kids decorate their own tree.

What other types of creations can you make just using scrapbook paper?

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