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Scrapbook Photo Album: A Personalized Memory

What is a photo album? A photo album is a book or pamphlet where you assemble a number of pictures. These pictures are usually placed in protective sleeves and the goal is to fit as many pictures in the photo album as possible. Some photo albums revolve around a theme, while others are based upon time periods. Some are just a hodgepodge of pictures that don’t really fit anywhere else.

What is a scrapbook? A scrapbook is usually a collection of photos also on pages but there aren’t quite as many per page. Each page is then decorated or embellished with designs, stickers, calligraphy, homemade decorations, and so forth. The entire scrapbook is generally molded after a single theme, be it a person, place, or event. When it comes to scrapbooks, you usually sacrifice the number of pictures for more decoration and embellishment.

So then what is a scrapbook photo album? A scrapbook photo album from MemoryScrapbooks.com combines the best of both worlds. Instead of having just the bland plastic sleeves of a photo album, you actually have the scrapbook pages that you can decorate and customize. Also, instead of worrying about running out of space, you can order scrapbook refill pages to supplement your scrapbook photo album. Scrapbook refill pages easily extend the picture capacity of your project which means that you have a scrapbook with the same number of pictures you usually find in a photo album. It is a win-win situation for the person who really loves to create beautiful scrapbooks.

Archival Quality

The best thing about a scrapbook photo album is that you can have more images than a normal scrapbook. The second best thing is that if you order a scrapbook photo album from MemoryScrapbooks.com, you will be ordering a product of the highest archival quality. Archival quality means that your pictures will be protected from becoming damaged or faded. Our products are acid-free and ensure that your memories stay as clear as ever.

So if you want to have virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to working on a scrapbooking project, consider creating a scrapbook photo album. You can find everything you need in terms of the actual scrapbook, supplies, and embellishments all at MemoryScrapbooks.com.

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