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Kids Tell Stories with Scrapbook Stickers

They say a picture tells a thousand words but with scrapbooking you get to tell a better and more visually colorful story. Complete your scrapbook pages with the additional scrapbook stickers that add to your scrapbooking pages. Years later, the entire family will still be laughing over the silly faces and funny sticker arrangements. The best part about using scrapbook stickers? The kids get to help! Let the whole family pick and stick their favorite stickers to the photos they want.

Candid Scrapbook Stickers Shout Out!

There are always photos you don't want to see printed – ones where mouths are wide open or you're making ridiculous faces. These are the photos kids love! In fact, let kids spend a week taking impromptu photos of you, friends, family members, etc. Then print off all these photo memories and create a scrapbook with family and pets scrapbook stickers that help tell a tale! Using all those silly photos of people with their mouths open, let your kids tell a story by picking blank caption scrapbook stickers. You can write out the messages on the blank area for your tiny scrapbookers and they'll still be able to place the stickers on the pages.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

This week you know the names of every restaurant you ate at, and exactly which beach you were on. Years later, you'll be wondering why there's a photo of an upside down man on the beach – which you've never seen again! Even if you plan to go through writing captions, you can also let the kids help by adding silly vacation caption scrapbook stickers. It's easy for them- and less work for you. You'll remember why you took those photos and be able to share the memories again by involving the whole family in the stickering process.

Of course, once you put kids in and around the water they start acting silly. Stick the whole family with cleverly captioned scrapbook stickers for when they bury each other in the sand or start a water fight.

Kids have the silliest and craziest stories. Let them tell those stories by making scrapbook pages with scrapbook stickers for every occasion!

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