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Scrapbooking Albums Make Grandma’s Day Brighter

Her little grandchildren? More like her little angels! Precious children are the one thing that brightens every Grandma’s day. She loves those little things more than you can believe. No matter how old each of those little ones get, she’ll take care of them too – cookies and milk on every visit! Share with Grandma some of your favorite memories you may not get to share with her. Whether it’s you, your children, or photos of the whole family - she’ll love it! Grandmas wouldn’t mind seeing hundreds of scrapbooking albums, so long as they are filled with pictures of her favorite children and grandchildren. Here’s how you can make Grandma the perfect album time and time again.

How to Start Scrapbooking Albums

1.Pick out the perfect scrapbook from our selection of quality scrapbooks. Depending on how much work (and time you have) to put into this scrapbooking project you can choose from a variety of types of scrapbooking albums. For a quick scrapbooking project try a jumbo scrapbooking album so you can quickly fill it with all the best photos. If you want to take the time with the family to make something really special, try one of our fabric scrapbooking albums with all the room to leave a message for Grandma.

2.Now you have to pick out the best photo for the albums. Sorting through photos can take some time, so once again, if you don’t have the patience this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our jumbo scrapbooks. You can fill these scrapbooking albums with complete indiscretion; put all the photos from Christmas, Graduation Birthdays and tired Monday mornings in there!

3.Finally, it’s time to start decorating. Each page is a special letter to Grandma and tells a story of what happened. With your fabric scrapbooking albums you have a completely blank canvas to explore. Let the kids each decorate a page on their own for Grandma! In a jumbo scrapbooking album, add stickers to the pages to help make the picture clearer!

Just remember when picking out your scrapbooking album that the goal isn’t to remember what you’ve done, but to tell Grandma what has gone on in your lives. Make as many albums as are needed to make her feel a part of your day to day lives. Get all of your scrapbooking albums here at MemoryScrapbooks.com.

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