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Make a Stunning Staycaction Vacation Scrapbook

Many families and couples have been opting out of full blown cruises and far away getaways to choose the stay at home vacation, also known as the staycation. Not only are staycations better for the environment and cost friendly, but it lets a family really enjoy the pleasures close to home. Whether it’s something as simple as staying at home for a day of board games or going to the local water parks, you can make these memories just as sweet as any cross country road trip. Snap shot your way across town and grab keepsakes for your staycation themed vacation scrapbook to remember your nontraditional vacation.

What do you need for a staycation vacation scrapbook?

You can use pretty much the same scrapbooking materials you would for a staycation that would for any scrapbooking project. You can also you a regular vacation scrapbook. Plan on getting in an imaginative mood and pretending it’s a real adventure vacation in the backyard? You should choose to use a travel scrapbook for your staycation to match the exotic travel theme. One advantage over a regular vacation is that with your staycation, you won’t forget where any of the pictures were taken! That makes captioning even easier!

Visit Local Attractions

Make a list of all the local highlights that bring visitors to your area to visit on your staycation. Hit up the local museums, petting zoos, historical landmarks, and restaurants you never have time to visit or just haven’t been to in years. At each destination take a picture just like you would at any new attraction. Also pick up a pamphlet and memorabilia to make your vacation scrapbook even better!

Where ever your vacation destination - be it close to home or to a far away land, track your progress and adventures in a fun vacation scrapbook. Just because you’re staying close to home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scrapbook the great memories just like you would on a cross country trip. You can make sure your staycation will be one to remember for years when you take the opportunity to scrapbook it all in a fine quality themed vacation scrapbook. Check out the great travel themed vacation scrapbook selection at MemoryScrapbooks.com.

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